Places You Can Go Without a Passport From The US

If you’re excited about going a trip and can no longer wait for your passport issuance or renewal, there are places you can go without a passport from the US.

Several tourist locations offer memorable vacations and at the same time do not require a U.S. passport upon entry. You can enjoy your most needed relaxation away from your normal work schedule with just a government issue ID, a birth certificate, or any other documents.

Even without a passport, these places might require other documents so before traveling it’s still important to know what you have to bring.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at some places that you can travel to without a passport and know about what you have to prepare to be allowed entry.

Places that Allow Entry Without Passport

Renewing your passport can take quite some time but there are several places all over the world that U.S. citizens can visit without a passport.

You won’t be able to enjoy a pool hotel in Singapore without a passport, but the following countries ARE the places you can go without a passport from the US:

Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Islands beach

U.S. citizens can travel without a passport to Northern Marianas Islands but should still show proof of U.S. citizenship. All other nationalities are required to show their passports. These Micronesian Islands have been colonized by different countries including the United States since the Battle of Saipan in 1944.

There are a lot of exciting things to do in the Northern Mariana Islands. From the stunning landscapes such as Forbidden Island, Bird Island, and Suicide Cliff, the Northern Mariana Islands deliver unique experiences for all travelers.

There’s also Mt. Topachao to hike while swimming activities can be the best experience on Managaha Island and Micro Beach.

US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands from above

The US Virgin Islands does not require citizens from the US to show passports upon entry but a valid ID must still be shown as proof of citizenship. This might not come as a surprise as US Virgin Island citizens are considered US citizens.

Among the U.S. Virgin Islands, the most visited ones and also considered as main islands, are St. John, St. Croix, and St. Thomas.

St. John island is the smallest U.S. Virgin Island. Two-thirds of this island is part of the Virgin Islands National Park. St. John boasts world-class, stunning beaches with turquoise waters and an underwater nature trail. Caneel Bay Resort and Trunk Bay are among the must-visit places in this delightful vacation destination.

St. Croix and St. Thomas are also part of the U.S.Virgin Islands that do not require a U.S. passport for entry. St. Thomas offers affordable island getaways, is more commercialized, and is busier. St. Croix on the other hand is better suited for family vacations and provides a quieter vacation experience.

There are more fantastic places to explore in the US Virgin Islands. The delightful beaches, underwater adventures, and brilliant island-hopping escapades.

Included in the best places to visit without a U.S. passport are Sapphire Beach, Magens Bay, and Coki Beach.


Canadian mountain views with a lake

Canada is one of the places you can go without a passport which does not require a passport from US citizens to enter the country if you have a NEXUS card which is a type of travel document.

You can check online on how to apply for the NEXUS Card that you should be able to find on the Trusted Travelers Programs website.

Among the top-rated places in Canada that you should not miss out on are Ripley’s Aquarium Canada, Mount Royal Park, and Stanley Park.

You can also plan a romantic getaway in Saskatchewan to just escape your daily routine.

American Samoa

a picture from American Samoa overlooking the ocean

American Samoa is a territory of the United States of America that does not require a passport if you’re a U.S. citizen but you have to still have to show a certified birth certificate to demonstrate your U.S. nationality and a return ticket from Samoa.

American Samoa offers an off-the-beaten-path experience being one of the most remote places on Earth. This destination is perfect for those who want to experience tranquility, serenity, and nature at its finest form.

Among the amazing things to do in American Samoa include visiting the National Park of American Samoa, the Two Dollar Beach, and Mount Alava.

Tourists can also do a Lower Sauma Ridge Hike, view Matafao Peak, and relax in Ofu Beach when visiting American Samoa.


Guam beach view

Guam is another delightful place to visit for US citizens without passports. Travelers from the US can present a valid ID or proof of citizenship such as a certified birth certificate, social security card, or voter registration card.

There are many beautiful places to explore in Guam from Toke Island, Talofofo Falls, and Two Lovers Point. Two Lovers Point is a cliff-side lookout with breathtaking landscapes 400 feet above the Philippine Sea.

You can also find lots of delicious foods to try while you’re on Guam island.


Hawaii drone picture

Hawaii is one of the top places you go without a passport for a top-notch island vibe. If you’re a US citizen, you don’t need a passport to visit Hawaii as this vacation destination is one of the states in the USA. You will need a valid U.S. government ID to visit this paradise.

There are destinations in Hawaii that will allow you to swim with the sea turtles, experience whale watching, view war memorials such as the famous Pearl Harbor Site, immerse in the Samoan culture, and stay in a laid-back white-sand beachfront accommodation.

Volcanoes are a big part of the attractions in this wonderful state. You will get your chance to hike on craters, learn more about volcanoes at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and snorkel at some sites with remnants of volcanic eruptions.

You can have fun experiencing island-hopping adventures to several marvelous islands like Oahu, the Big Island, and Maui.

The largest island in Hawaii known as the Big Island alone receives around 175,000 visitors per month which speaks volumes of how enchanting this tourist destination is.

Oahu is also a top tourist destination with its lively city atmosphere in Honolulu and beautiful beaches such as the famous Waikiki Beach.

Maui is an excellent destination for those looking for a romantic getaway with its lovely resorts situated near the beach.


A view of the Alaska skyline

Alaska is located in the Northernmost part of the USA and might sound a bit far but is still part of the United States and does not require a U.S passport for entry.

Alaska is among the best destinations that offer a lot of outdoor adventures that you can take part in such as hiking, biking, fishing, and even dog sledding. There are also glaciers to explore, mountains to climb, totem poles to see, and other fascinating sites.

In Alaska, you can go on a cruise and explore the inside passage or visit towns such as Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan.

You can also see the magnificent Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights in Alaska which is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Florida and the Other US States

Florida keys island

Florida is a haven for beach lovers and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA for couples. You can drive to Florida from any state within the US and a passport is not required.

Some of the best places to visit in Florida include Daytona Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Orlando. Orlando is especially popular for its many theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

Florida is also a special place for couples looking for a pampering beach getaway. Top places to visit include Postcard Inn Beach Resort & Marina, Parrot Key Hotel & Villas, and Sunset Key Cottages.

There are also other tourist attractions in Orlando such as the Kennedy Space Center, Gatorland, and Fun Spot America.

Other states in the US also do not require passports from American citizens but may require other forms of identification such as a driver’s license.

Puerto Rico

A town in Puerto Rico by the sea

Puerto Rico is an official US Commonwealth and is one of the places you can go without a passport from the US for those who is interested to explore the tourist attractions, culture, and cuisine.

Travelers from the USA allow entry to U.S. citizens without passports and will only be required to present a government-issued ID.

This place is an official U.S. commonwealth so as long as you are a permanent resident in the USA, you can just show a valid ID, travel without a passport, and you will be allowed to explore the lovely places and experience the local culture of this wonderful place.

This Caribbean island is a top tropical getaway for US citizens with its sandy beaches, stunning landscapes, and rich history.

There are also many things to do in Puerto Rico as one of the countries without the need for a U.S passport, from visiting the El Yunque National Forest which is the only tropical forest in the US National Forest System, to hiking at the Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park or going on a food tour in Old San Juan.

Puerto Rico’s San Juan City is also a great place to shop for souvenirs, try delicious Puerto Rican cuisine, and explore the vibrant nightlife.

There are direct flights from major US cities to Puerto Rico making it a convenient travel destination.

No Passport Required Through a Closed Loop Cruise

Closed-loop cruises begin and end at the same US port which makes it possible to go on a cruise without a passport. However, you will still need a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license or birth certificate to board the ship.

Many cruises offer this kind of itineraries such as Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, Carnival Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line.

While on the cruise, you can enjoy the many amenities on board, take part in fun activities, and explore the ports of call.

The following are the places where a US citizen does not need a passport to visit through a closed-loop cruise:


Jamaican beach

Travel without a passport to Jamaica is possible through a closed-loop cruise. There are three ports for cruise ships to dock and travelers can experience the island’s culture, food, and attractions.

Ocho Rios is one of the most popular ports in Jamaica where cruise ships dock. Travelers can explore the island’s beaches, try Jamaican cuisine, and visit the Island’s Blue Hole.

Falmouth is another port in Jamaica that is known for its Georgian architecture. Travelers can visit the Good Hope Plantation, Marquee Shopping Centre, and the Green Grotto Caves.

Montego Bay is the third port in Jamaica and is known for its nightlife and beaches. Travelers can visit the Hip Strip, try watersports, and shop at the duty-free shops.

Jamaica has gorgeous beaches and is a dream destination for travelers looking to have a tropical island experience.

There are also many activities that travelers can do such as zip-lining, hiking, and visiting the Bob Marley Museum. For those who enjoy adventure, there is rafting on the Martha Brae River and Dunn’s River Falls.


Mexico resort beach

US citizens can travel to Mexico without a passport through a closed-loop cruise. Travelers not only can splurge on the delightful beaches in this country but also take part in the vibrant nightlife.

From historic sites in Mazatlán to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas that offer spectacular water activities, tourists will have the best vacation in Mexico without a passport.

At the tip of the Baja California peninsula, Cabo San Lucas is a popular tourist destination for those looking for sunny beaches and water activities. Travelers can go snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and deep-sea fishing.

Other places in Mexico can be visited through a closed-loop cruise are Cozumel, Ensenada, and Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo.


Hondurs top down view

Without a U.S passport, US citizens can still experience the allure of Honduras. Honduras is among docking places for a closed-loop cruise. From the colonial city of Gracias to the ancient Maya ruins of Copan, there are many things that travelers can do and explore in Honduras.

In Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, visitors can learn about the country’s culture and history at the National Museum or take a cable car ride to get a bird’s eye view of the city.

Other places that can be visited are Roatan, an island off the coast of Honduras that is known for its beaches and diving sites, and La Ceiba, a port city on the north coast of Honduras that is known for its national parks and rainforests.


Rocky view of Bermuda

Bermuda is among the places you can go without a passport from the US through a Bermuda-bound closed-loop cruise. There are three ports where cruise ships can dock namely King’s Wharf, St. George, and Hamilton City.

With the different docking points come different unique experiences. You can do sightseeing and see amazing stalactites and stalagmites in Crystal Cave, sunbathe on the pink sand beaches, or enjoy some thrilling water activities.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica volcano view

Costa Rica also belongs to places to travel without a passport via a closed-loop cruise. This vacation getaway has the exotic appeal where travelers can explore lush rainforests, diverse wildlife, and charming beaches.

One of the first-rate places that are flocked by tourists in Costa Rica is Puerto Caldera. Puerto Caldera has the world’s five percent of flora and fauna. It is also known for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear water which makes it perfect for swimming, sunbathing and surfing.

Puerto Limon is the country’s second-busiest port. Travelers can visit the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, take a rainforest canopy tour, or go snorkeling and scuba diving.


Small Belize island

Travel without a passport to Belize through a closed-loop cruise. This country in Central America has many things to offer from its Barrier Reef to rainforest reserves.

In Belize City, the capital of Belize, travelers can explore the Old Belize Museum, swing by the Swing Bridge, or take a walk in the botanical gardens.

Other places that can be visited are Ambergris Caye, an island off the coast of Belize that is known for its snorkeling and diving sites, and water activities.

Cayo Espanto is a small private island that is perfect for those who want a relaxing vacation.


Panama city

Panama is yet another country where travelers can go without a passport through a closed-loop cruise. U.S citizens can present proof of US citizenship such as a certified US birth certificate with a valid government ID.

This country delivers a one-of-a-kind experience to travelers with its hip and modern city, Panama City. In Panama City, visitors can explore the old town of Casco Viejo, shop at the Albrook Mall, or take a walk in the rainforest.

Other places to visit are the San Blas Islands, an archipelago off the coast of Panama that is known for its beaches and diving sites.


Atlantis resort in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a top tourist destination and another one of the places where Americans can travel without a passport through a closed-loop cruise.

The Bahamas has around a hundred islands and cays that offer different experiences to travelers.

Some of the places that can be visited are Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas which is known for its colonial buildings and duty-free shopping, and Paradise Island which is home to luxury resorts and casinos.


These are just some of the many places you can go without a passport from the United States. With so many options to choose from, there’s surely a destination that will fit your preference whether you’re looking for an adventure-filled trip or a relaxing beach getaway.

If you’re hoping for more vacation destinations in the world, go get that passport ready and explore more places.

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