Horseback Riding Asheville – Trail Rides & Lessons

Horseback Riding in Asheville is an exceptional experience for tourists and locals alike. The diverse sceneries from different kinds of trails make every horseback riding experience in different locations unique.

Country ride sceneries, waterfalls trails, mountaintop trails, historic estate horseback riding, and water crossing trails are among the various trails in Asheville.

You can choose one or two trails to your liking or if you have enough time and money, experience all adventures that will make your trip extraordinary.

Aside from the trail rides, if you plan to stay more vacation time in Asheville, then enrolling in horseback riding lessons would be a skill that you will learn from seasoned coaches and riders.

You can bring home a horseback riding skill that you can then bring to any vacation place where there are opportunities for horseback riding adventures. Even Asheville locals are keen when it comes to getting formal lessons that they can bring in the wild with their favorite horse.

If you’re a tourist with a planned trip to Asheville, we have listed the top horseback riding trail rides that you should not miss out on. If your purpose of travel to Asheville is to get horseback riding lessons from the best, we have also compiled a list of where you can enroll for lessons.

Top Trail Rides for Tourists In and Near Asheville North Carolina

Tourists have plenty of wonderful possibilities when it comes to horseback riding not just in Asheville North Carolina but in the surrounding areas that share the majestic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are several choices for a horseback ride depending on your preference but the following are the best trail riding experiences in and near Asheville NC:

Sandy Bottom Trail Rides – Country Ride Experience

Sandy Bottom Trail Rides - Country Ride Experience

Location: 1459 Caney Fork Rd, Marshall, NC

Sandy Bottom Trail Rides offer a memorable horseback countryside trail ride experience. You will ride on a secluded ranch north of Asheville. The horseback ride will take you to mountain meadows, high country, and Madison county’s wooded areas.

The ride is open to all ages with a 250 lbs. weight limit. There are different types of horses that are cared for and groomed to suit the needs of every type of rider. Choices for the trail ride include a one-hour ride, a two-hour ride, and a three-hour ride. This is one of the perfect relaxing family activities to do during your vacation in Asheville.

Expect that you will be accompanied by an expert trail guide for safety.

Saddle Up Trail Rides – Water Crossing Trails

Saddle Up Trail Rides - Water Crossing Trails

Location: Turkey Pen Rd, Mills River, NC

Saddle Up Trail Rides offers an exciting adventure for you and your family, friends, or loved ones with a ride at the Pisgah National Forest where you will cross rivers and streams. The Pisgah National Forest is one of the most visited forests in the United States with plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding.

The trails include North Mills River and Turkey Pen Areas to explore. You will be assigned a gentle and well-mannered horse that is perfect for first-time riders or those who want a relaxing experience.

The trail guides are knowledgeable about the area and will be with you throughout the ride. Please note that rides are only done through reservations.

Biltmore Estate – Ride around a Historic Estate for All Skill Levels

Biltmore EstateĀ - Ride around a Historic Estate for All Skill Levels

Location: One Lodge Street Asheville, NC

A vacation in Asheville means you get to visit the iconic Biltmore Estate and the good news is you can even have an amazing horseback riding activity on the scenic historic grounds. On this North Carolina horseback riding, you will explore the woodlands and meadows of the estate along with 10 other lucky guests.

The ride usually takes an hour and caters to ages 8 and up. Please note that to participate in the horseback riding activity on the estate, you need to have one of the following requirements:

  • A daytime ticket
  • A Biltmore annual pass
  • Or stay at one of the Biltmore Properties

Smoky Mountain Trail Rides and Bison Farm – Mountaintop Trail

Smoky Mountain Trail Rides and Bison Farm - Mountaintop Trail

Location: 1959 Walnut Creek Rd. Marshall NC

Smoky Mountain Trail Rides and Bison Farm is just a 30-minute drive away from Asheville and delivers an unforgettable mountaintop trail ride.

Spanning a 55-acre property to explore, guests will have not only a calming ride while enjoying the scenery but also learn a lot of information about horseback riding. With a guide, guests can expect to pass by deep valleys and picturesque ridge tops.

If you are in a group of 5 or more, you can even get a special price. You can also do overnight camping at the property. Advanced reservations are encouraged for groups to secure a slot.

Flame Azalea and Fern Forest Guided Horseback Ride

Flame Azalea and Fern Forest Guided Horseback Ride

Location: 276 Arrowmont Trl, Cullowhee, NC

Horseback riding with the Blue Ridge scenery is a breathtaking experience and with this horseback trail. You will also pass by the lovely flame azaleas, white pine forest, and fern forest. Guests will have a guide during this best horseback riding in Asheville NC with the gentlest horses anyone will adore.

This horseback riding in the mountains adventure is best suited for beginners, children, and for those who are in search of a time in nature or the mountains.

Cedar Creek Stables – Multiple Trail Options

Cedar Creek Stables - Multiple Trail Options

Location: 542 Cedar Creek Road Lake Lure

Cedar Creek Stables offers one of the best horse-riding near Asheville NC experience. Groups of families will have multiple trails for different levels of experience.

With a guide, you will get to see wonderful mountain sceneries ad pass by creeks and magnificent canopy of trees with lovely horses. You can choose from either a one-hour ride or a one-and-a-half-hour ride.

Cedar Creek Stables trail ride minimum age is 7 and with a weight limit of 240 lbs. It is also advisable for all riders to arrive at the location 40 minutes before the scheduled time for paperwork and safety orientation.

Horseback Riding Lessons for Locals and Tourists near and in Asheville North Carolina

In search of Asheville horseback riding tours in the North Carolina mountains, you might also consider enrolling in horseback riding lessons that will give you confidence during your horseback riding experience.

Asheville offers remarkable horseback riding lessons to prepare anyone who wants to learn this lifelong skill and bring it to your other trips in the US or even vacations outside the US.

The following are the Horseback Riding Lessons in Asheville North Carolina:

Over the River Farm

Over the River Farm

Over the River Farm offers lessons to kids as young as 5 years old. Kids are taught grooming skills, tack skills, and riding skills. With this beginner lesson, kids have to be enrolled in private lessons but can switch over to semi-private with mastery. Lessons are usually 1 hour a week or 30 minutes twice a week.

There are individualized programs for juniors and Over the River Farm even trains juniors for various medals. Adults who are trying to learn are also welcome even at the beginner level.

In Over the River Farm you are assured that you get your money’s worth from the Show Team that joins several competitions.

Asheville Equine Therapy Inc for Therapeutic Horsemanship

Asheville Equine Therapy Inc for Therapeutic Horsemanship

Asheville, offering the best horseback riding adventure, extends lessons for therapy and not just for recreational purposes. The Asheville Equine Therapy Inc. focuses on therapeutic horsemanship for people with disabilities.

AETI works with children, veterans, and those who are battling cancer. This is an evidence-based program that has shown remarkable results not just for the participants but also for their families.

The beauty of nature and the serenity of being with horses have been a source of strength and courage for many.

Pegasus Hill Farm

Pegasus Hill Farm

Pegasus Hill Farm located in Alexander North Carolina is just a 20-minute drive from Asheville and offers not just full-service riding lessons but also horse boarding farm service.

Horseback riding lessons are year-round. The training involves natural horsemanship and rewarding experience for those who are eager to learn.

Each horseback riding lesson is tailored to the needs and goals of the student and all ages regardless of the experience are welcome to enroll.

Hobbit Hill Farm and Stables

Hobbit Hill Farm and Stables

Hobbit Hill Farm and Stables located in Alexander North Carolina offers not just horseback riding adventures but also horse boarding and training. Equine Clinic services are also offered along with horse camps.

Horseback riding lessons are open to all ages and experience levels. Every program is also tailored to the needs of the student for success in achieving the horseback riding goal.

You can call Hobbit Hill Farm and Stables for reservations.

If you want to explore and discover the best of Asheville NC, consider horseback riding. With different levels of difficulty, there are plenty of trails that are perfect for beginners and those who are looking to spend some time in nature. There are also many options for lessons, so you can learn this lifelong skill. No matter what your level of experience is, you can find a horseback riding option that is perfect for you.

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